The first half of 2019

It is wisdom that gives meaning to everything – in the Potsdam St. John's Lodge "To Aries" For our "work," we always break new paths of dialogue. At its core, for each individual, it is about a journey inward, everyone to themselves and a journey to the outside world, to the brothers and to the world: For example. On May 12, 2007, the team was released. January 2019 at a great New Year's reception at the Order House in Berlin, where many interested parties, neighbors, friends and family members have found access to us – and we have access to them. The New Year's reception of our "St. John's Lodge to Aries in Potsdam" was a real highlight, which we together with approx. 240 people could experience: From 10:00 a.m. the entrance began and it presented the Prussian Grenadiergarde No.6 of 1740, bodyguard of Frederick II. In period uniforms. After a welcome drink in the fireplace room and first conversations with old acquaintances and new guests, the reception in the garden hall began at 11am: Framed by the singers of the Sonari Choir Berlin and the police choir from Berlin, our chairman performed Master as moderator The program with some surprises. Finally, all 50 choristers came on stage once more. Many in the audience also sang along to the European anthem and the Bundeslied. It was a real bond and a strong sense of community palpable. After several encores, everyone went into the Prussian room with the song "oh happy day" in their ear with the best wishes for a "happy new year" for the New Year's snack. The good mood continued here into new encounters and the consolidation of old relationships. Some had travelled over several 100km – and everyone felt: That was really worth it. There was also a little "pride" that we all belong! At this point we would like to say THANK YOU once again to all the helpers who have actively touched and supported in the background in the preparation and organization, but also in the construction and dismantling process. Impressions from the New Year's reception on May 12, 2007. January 2019.  

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