How do you work in a lodge?

Initiation eines „Suchenden“. Kupferstich, 1745 in Frankreich, Gearbeitet - Freimaurer Initiation

There are different types of meetings in our St. John’s Lodge:

The discussion evenings in the circle of brothers, the ritual work in our meeting room, also known as the temple, information evenings / guest evenings with interested gentlemen, public events with speakers from the worlds of business, art, culture and politics. These take place regularly throughout the lodge year from September to June.
In our discussion evenings, lectures are held, some of which are on philosophical and contemporary topics of interest to the brethren, but not on denominational or party-political topics. In addition, we give the “younger” brothers the opportunity to introduce themselves to the fraternity in lectures and topics from their professional lives, thus promoting mutual fraternal understanding. We also welcome our friends and companions, whom we call sisters, to some of these evenings.
The Masonic ritual is cultivated in the temple work. The temple, a fundamental and integral part of masonic life, gives every initiate the protection and peace to perfect themselves in the company of like-minded people.

Work takes place in the St. John’s Lodge “Zum Widder” every Monday from 8.00 pm.