The symbol of our Aries Lodge

The symbol of our Aries LodgeWhen asked where the name of our St. John’s Lodge comes from, the following can be said:
The founder of our St. John’s Lodge had emerged from the lodge “Pégase” and the brethren at that time had close ties to the Berlin St. John’s Lodges “Zum goldenen Schiff” and “Pegasus”.
Since the symbol of the “flying horse” (Pegasus) is already taken from Greek mythology, and the “golden ship” refers to the vehicle of the Argonauts, who, according to Greek legend, captured the precious fleece of the golden ram in a war campaign, it is reasonable to conclude that the symbol for a new lodge was taken from this circle of ideas, especially as the names of a whole series of lodges formed at that time reveal links to Greek mythology and this type of naming corresponded to the taste of the time.