Who are we?

We belong to the Great Country Lodge

The St. Johannisloge "Zum Widder" belongs to the Great Land Lodge of the Freemasons of Germany. The teaching of the great national lodge is based on Christianity, but independent of any church doctrine. We Freemasons respect the religious beliefs of every other human being. The purpose of our lodge is to maintain Freemasonry and its centuries-old traditional teaching and practice. To this end, the Lodge constantly obliges its members to work to form their personality and to make every effort to achieve human dignity and human rights, as well as peace and harmony in the world. The Logen brothers feel faithfully attached to their fatherland and respect everyone else's. The fraternity of our lodge consists of gentlemen aged 23 – 80 from a wide range of professions: from students to self-employed craftsmen, civil servants and employees, to entrepreneurs and pensioners with an average age of less than 50. Our guest evenings are currently held in the lodge of the Great National – Mother Lodge "To the Three Globes".   They take place once a month on a Monday at 7 p.m. We are happy about any interested gentlemen and ask you to register via our contact form.