The year 2016

Christmas Greetings December 2016

Dear brothers, "a little joy to prepare" the Christmas with its century-long tradition lives on to resort to known, to continue, to rekindle memories.   We all know the symbols and props that accompany our everyday life in the same or similar form every winter, the holidays are beautiful. This permanence causes so many people to hang on Christmas; Without yesterday, the festival would have no meaning. All the more important are the many small surprises that make us happy with others, in which we realize that we are thought of. Gifts, friendly gestures, yes a word suffice sometimes to express: I am there, and I am glad that you are there.                        Maybe there's more to it than that. It is no coincidence that the unexpected devotion often triggers special joy. In our hectic, sometimes emotionally poor and material world, you should not only think about this in the Christmas season. The Board of our lodge and I wish all the brothers of our lodge as well as the brothers of friendly lodges, their wives or their life-companions, as well as their whole family a blessed, contemplative but also merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Combined with the best wishes, in particular satisfaction, health and a bit of luck.  Allow me to look back at the end of the year 2016. For our lodge It was a very positive year, we met interesting and interested gentlemen; Some of which were our brothers. We had this year's 2016 intensive temple work in all St. John's degrees: Here is our journeyman's work with 6 promotions to highlight our 240. Foundation Festival and our last set-up and adoption work on 28. November, on which our LGM The Apprentice's speech, successful guest evenings, our summer meetings, our karnevalistisches Haxenessen, the asparagus food and the goose roast food as well as a memorable Christmas party for all. A big thank you to all the brothers and sisters and external helpers. Your work is not self-evident. Should I have kicked someone in the end of the year to the "feet", I ask myself to look at this, as I do likewise with those who have hurt me and my soul. Tolerating and forgiving the other should belong not only within the Brotherhood, but also to the basic assets of a human being. Now a little note for the coming year: after a year full of highlights in our lodge, we will endeavour to make the next year more humble and intense looking inward. The phrase from our religious doctrine "recognize yourself……" And the will "to work on our own rough stone" will continue to be the focus of our free-Moorish work for us. Please work on your own rough stone and not on rough stones of other brothers. With brotherly greetings and a goodbye on Thursday 5. January 2017 at 20.00, during a guest evening in the circle of our lodge brothers as well as dear guests with good conversations and a welcome to the new year, I remain, representing the board of directors of the "Johannis Lodge to Aries", as their serving brother I. D. U. H. Z. Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs

The traditional goose roast food in October 2016

Arminiushalle in Moabit

On 22. The traditional goose roasting of the St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" was held again in the Arminiushalle in Moabit. All the brothers, sisters and their dear guests were welcome.


The invitation to the 240. Foundation Festival of the St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" Potsdam September 2016.

Invitation to 240. Foundation Festival

The 240. Foundation Festival of the St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" Potsdam.

On Saturday, the 24.09.2016, our John's Lodge celebrated her 240. Foundation Festival in the Order House of the GLL v. D. in Berlin.  Among the approximately 80 brothers were the grand Master of Serbia, the great representative of India, the chapter Master of the Grand Order chapter, the Zerimonial of the CF, members of the Order Council and the Grand Council of officials, as well as numerous highly dignified and very venerable lodge masters From all types of classes. For our guests presented themselves in front of the order house the Historical club in the uniforms of the Leibgrade No. 6 of 1740 of the old Fritz.

Among the sounds of the organ, the work was opened with the introduction of the honorary guests. After the ritual reading of the activity report, the Grand Master of the country honoured some of the brothers for their merits with the small badge of honour of the lodge. Then the 240. Logenjahr closed. Then followed the thanks of the Chairman Master to the officers of the lodge with the brother chain. Our guest of honor, the wisest Altordens + Meister, impressed all the brothers with an impressive festive lecture, in which he included the construction work of the celebrating lodge with the constant growth (within a short year 24 new brothers), the average age The Lodge (45 years) and the noticeable harmony within the lodge. Another highlight was the vocals (in these holy halls……..).

At the end of the temple work the chimes of the garrison Church Potsdam: Always faithful and honest……..

The gift of Love was presented to the Zinnendorfstiftung, including the donation of the lodge from the Tafelloge. We have been handed over just €1,000 from our lodge.

The ballroom in the religious house, furnished for the Tafelloge to 240. Foundation Festival

The ballroom in the order house at 240. Foundation Festival

After the hard work in the festively decorated temple, the brothers went to the ballroom to the Tafelloge. The Logenwein of Aries, Red and White, was presented to the brothers alongside a delicious Menuefolge, the new gastronomy of the Lodge house. After the ritual toasts, the greetings from the Brother Circle followed.

At the end, gifts were presented to our distinguished guests (the glass ram) and each brother received a perfume "Prussian Blau No 1". All the brothers also enjoyed the piano accompaniment in the singing of the Ritulellen songs. Thanks also to the brothers.

Dear Brothers of our John's Lodge "zum Aries", I would like to thank all the helping brothers, without you, this foundation festival would not have been such an experience for all of us. This experience will motivate us to continue to build our lodge in harmony, mutual understanding and fraternal helpfulness. Freemasonry is working on ourselves; To form and process our own "rough stone", but also to participate in the communal experience; For the benefit of our lodge…. also for future brothers! Let us look forward to the 241 that lies ahead of us. Logenjahr your ever-connected brother Ernst-Friedrich

Chairman of the JL "to Aries" Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs to the 240. Foundation Festival

Chairman of the JL "to Aries" Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs

The Karnevalistisches Haxenessen 2016 in the Arminiushalle in Moabit.

Invitation to karnevalistisches Haxe food The Karnevalistisches Haxenessen 2016 in the Arminiushalle in Moabit. On the Carnival – Tuesday, the Johannis Lodge "zum Aries" committed its traditional karnevalistisches Haxenessen in the Arminiushalle in Moabit. Over 100 guests, sisters and brothers celebrated with carnivalesc deposits and cheerful music accompaniment. Delicious knuckles of pork were a good night. Thanks for the organization be our brother Y. hd K…. All those present are looking forward to 2017, where this event will be held again in the Arminiushalle.

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