The year 2020

Dear brothers and friends of our St. John’s Lodge,

In the last weeks and months of this year, it has been difficult for everyone, especially for us
Freemasons, to live with the distance imposed on us. Nevertheless, we will survive the time we have lost
and will master the opportunities for personal contact through telephone conversations and face-to-face
meetings, in the faith and hope of a good time to come.

St. John’s Day, the feast of love. You are ready to make us happy;
even if spring’s splendor fades, you still give us bliss.
You lead us to wisdom, beauty, strength, you remove the bandage from our faces,
You consecrate us to good works. Do not forget the rose for us!

Our Brother Mattias wrote us the following letter:
After reading the ZK April 2020, I realized again how much I miss our fraternal meetings.
I miss our fraternal gatherings. But some of the articles also awakened confidence in me during this strange
Corona time and made me realize that it is important to keep in touch with my brothers even outside of our meetings.
with my brothers outside of our meetings. I took our lodge master’s interesting remarks about the
I took the opportunity to call him and discuss my thoughts on the “telephone chain of brothers”.
discuss. Our Chairman Master confirmed to me that it is important to maintain contact with the
brothers even more than usual during this time of restrictions. I have resolved to keep
to take our membership list to hand in the next few days to call one or two of my
I am looking forward to receiving calls from my brothers!
With warm fraternal greetings ……Your Matthias.

I send a warm and fraternal greeting to all brothers, sisters and friends.
St. John’s greetings to …. Your brother Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs, who is always close to you.