Dates for interested parties and guests of our St. John’s Lodge

The traditional guest evening

For us, the guest evening is an important bridge between all brothers
and interested parties who would
like to see the lodge from the inside. An exampleof this is a guest evening: This took place in May, which is the merry month. A “May punch” was served, which everyone enjoyed as a springtimes welcome.
We have very creative talents in our lodge, who “painted” a wonderful picture with ripe fruit, birds playing music and a tablecloth made of tulips. After the welcome, there was an opportunity to chat with the people sitting next to us and create the basis for a stimulating exchange of ideas with spicy puff pastry sticks and plenty of strawberries.
The lecture on “The Three Sieves of Socrates” then led to an engaging discussion about the importance of truth, goodness and necessity in our lives and in the present day.
At the end, everyone was able to take home a bouquet of tulips as a little treat, a very successful evening!


Unsere Gäste Termine

liebe Freunde unserer Johannisloge und interessierte Herren, die Bruderschaft der Johannisloge „Zum Widder“ würde sich über einen Besuch unserer Gästeabende freuen.

Die aktuellen Termine unserer Gästeabende für interessierte und suchende Herren und offenen Veranstaltungen finden Sie auf dieser Seite.



Montag 22.April 2024

Montag 10.Juni 2024

Gästeabend Heerstr. 28 im Museum des Logenhaus der 3 Weltkugeln

Gästeabend Heerstr. 28 im Museum des Logenhaus der 3 Weltkugeln

Die Gästeabende finden zur Zeit Im Logenhaus der Großen National – Mutterloge “Zu den drei Weltkugeln” in der Heerstrasse 28 in 14052 Berlin-Charlottenburg statt. Änderungen vorbehalten.

Wir bitten Sie, sich über unser Kontaktformular anzumelden. Unsere Einladung folgt umgehend.

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