Freemasonry in Potsdam

The St. John’s Lodge “Zum Widder” belongs to the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons of Germany. The doctrine of the Grand Lodge is based on Christianity, but is independent of any church doctrine. We Freemasons accept the religious convictions of our fellow human beings. The purpose of our Lodge is the cultivation of Freemasonry through its centuries-old traditional teaching and practice. To this end, the Lodge obliges its members to constantly work on shaping their own personalities and to do their utmost to promote human dignity, human rights, peace and harmony in the world. The brothers of the lodge feel loyal to their homeland. In addition, our Aries Lodge has made charitable work its main task:

Ordenshaus Berlin

For example, we donated a significant amount to the victims of the flood disaster in the Ahr valley, which, along with other lodge donations, will be passed on directly to those in need via our charity association. We have also set up an aid project to provide school supplies to children in the jungles of Colombia via the German School …. and many other humanitarian projects.

The brotherhood of our lodge currently consists of gentlemen of 22 years of age in various professions: from students to self-employed craftsmen, entrepreneurs, civil servants and employees as well as pensioners, with an average age of under 51. Our wives and partners, whom we call sisters, are an important part of our lodge life.