The year 2017

Christmas party 2017 St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" Potsdam on 10. December the Brotherhood of the John's Lodge "zum Aries" cordially invites all the sisters and brothers as well as our friends of the lodge to their Christmas party. As last year there will be a big Christmas buffet as well as Christmas artistic program. Christmas party 2017 Ballroom

Christmas party 2017 Christmas tree

Christmas Party 2017 Lodge table

Advent Greeting 2017 The wind in the winter forest drives the flock of flakes like a shepherd, and some fir suspects how soon she becomes pious and lights holy, and listens out. The white ways she stretches the twigs – ready, and fends off the wind and grows against the one night of glory! Rainer Maria Rilke

Autumn Greetings 2017 Autumn poem by Caesar Otto Hugo Flaischlen (1864-1920) have sun in my heart, whether it storms or snows, whether the sky is full of clouds, the earth is full of strife! have sun in my heart, then come, what may! That shines full light on you the darkest day! Have a song on my lips, with cheerful sound and make you bang even of everyday hustle! Have a song on my lips, then come what may! This will help you overcome the lonely day! Have a word also for Andre in care and in agony and say what can be so cheerfully yourself: have a song on my lips, never lose the courage, have sun in my heart, and everything will be fine!

Goose Roast Food on 28 October 2017 Community Care + Design we invite and live. Dear Guests and Friends of our St. John's Lodge, Dear sisters and brothers, there is a deep yearning of the people for peace, freedom, equality and fraternity and we all seek our way there. In this way, the Freemasons are idealists who not only dream of such goals, but also know that one has to do the feasible thing of the imaginable too. At the end of October we were able to enjoy a nice family evening at the Potsdam Restaurant Schiff with a delicious goose roast and to greet friends and interested parties at our guest evenings with inspiring lectures at our house. Thus, commitment is practised and community can be experienced in person. We would like to express our special thanks to the organizers and helpers.

Regular table in the barn: "Bringing in the harvest" on 21. August 2017 highly dignified, dignified and beloved brothers, lovers of family and friends, usually man sees only the stubble field of transience; What he overlooks are the full barns of the past. In the Vergangensein, nothing is irretrievably lost, but everything is salvaged unloseable. " (Viktor Frankl) In the "Barn" in the Grunewald we met on Monday in a comfortable round together and talked about experiences on holiday or here in Berlin and Potsdam these experiences are ultimately also a "harvest" that we like to share in our community.

Summer Meeting-Family brunch in the order House: "Love, Light and Life" on 06 August 2017 Dear Guests and Friends of our St. John's Lodge, Dear sisters and brothers, in glorious summer weather we were again on Sunday for family brunch together in the order house. At the tables in the sun and comfortable armchairs in the shade was about personal experiences and findings respectively. Light and Shadows discussed in life. There was a delicious BBQ buffet and also with love homemade cakes by family members as a donation to the community. During a small tour of the religious house, guests could take a look inside. They were given competent answers and impulses to their questions about Freemasonry to look at their own interior. There were very nice encounters at our family barbecue brunch. More than 80 guests and brothers with their families were visibly pleased with new encounters and exchange of personal themes and experiences. Our guests under the age of 10 had enough fun with the delicious food! We thank all participants, helpers and organizers for their contribution and remain with best regards until a goodbye.

Summer meeting on the Havel ship on 27. July 2017 highly dignified, dignified and beloved brothers in the summer we organized a program for family and friends, which is very well received. Last Thursday in July we were with a child and a cone at the Havel ship restaurant in Potsdam. An opportunity to talk to each other about private, personal and "What the world is moving" and to get to know each other more personally. For this we first had the whole ship's belly for us as a dining room with children's playroom next door. It was like a trip with a big family. All have enjoyed the varied food à la carte and the relaxed atmosphere.

Pentecost Greetings and Asparagus dinner may 2017 Dear brothers and Friends of the St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" Potsdam, after a successful asparagus meal on our ship in the merry month of May, the rose month of June is now on the doorstep, with the Feast of the Holy Spirit "Pentecost". We wish you and your families a peaceful and relaxing feast of Pentecost.

Guest evening in the Lodge house on 11. May 2017 with the Johannis Lodge to Aries was a special experience!

Guest evening 11. May. 2017

      May came and brought flowers and birch green to the lodge.           The table for our guest evening was decorated appropriately with Maikäfern for consumption, which allowed 25 brothers and guests to taste together with traditional sol eggs with bread and oil/Senf-Dips.       In addition there was a special surprise to welcome a cool Maibowle after a recipe with fresh forest master. With a lecture on freedom and self-awareness under the heading "Recognize yourself" there was also a spiritual food, which led to a stimulating exchange of experiences in the ensuing discussion with very personal thought-provoking and examples. We thank all participants, helpers and organizers for their contribution and remain with best regards until a goodbye Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs Chairman champion

Easter Greetings April 2017 Dear Brothers of St. John's Lodge "zum Aries" Potsdam. You and your families a quiet and restful Easter and a healthy goodbye wish you your brother Ernst-Friedrich Fuchs.  

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